A historical heritage contained
in every single tray.

Our authentic deli-meats are crafted in the “old world” following ancient traditions. Simple things from the surrounding air and water to how the animals are fed can make a huge impact on the quality and taste of the finished product.

We partner with family-owned producers that specialize in crafting high-quality deli meat products. While many companies can produce cured meat, only a select few can meet our expectations in terms of quality and production capabilities. We select and source based on our decades of experience and the heritage of these producers. We believe heritage and authenticity make the difference between Maestri and our competitors.


We strive to be the first to bring new charcuterie products to the USA.

Our strength lies in how reactive we are in anticipating new trends and launching new products. Our production lines are built with the best of German and Italian Technology, which is the highest standard in this sector and managed by specialized food technicians.

We bring products from Europe and freshly slice them in the US in order to maintain maximum freshness. We value our products being managed from beginning to end in order to give our customers a rich, authentic tasting experience.

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We value the importance of delivering products on time and without shortage.

We build strong, lasting relationships with each of our suppliers and customers in order to guarantee a reliable, consistent business. Our partnership with our suppliers allows for full control of the supply chain from animal farming to curing and slicing.

Our partnership with production and logistics partners guarantees supply, without disruption. Our high production standards make sure that our customers can rely on high-end, consistent quality and safe products.